Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dude, I'm Awesome

I had a way better day today. At work the judge made me a cake for my upcoming birthday. I thought that was just so sweet! And it happened to be perfectly chocolatey!  The best part - while I was eating it the power went out. We had to cancel the rest of our patients for the day! I certainly want our patients to get there but man was it a great afternoon without them :P)

Our reception area is too far from a window so there was no way we could function up there, so after lunch we all took piles and piles of old records that needed to be audited into the sunny conference room and audited records for a few hours while chit chatting and generally enjoying one another. We got a ton of work done and our boss was so happy that we thought of the auditing. Basically the only task that didn't involve power, so it isn't like we had too much choice there. Anyway - today was very nice. I am hopeful that tomorrow we recover well since the patients were rescheduled for the early morning. - If anything it will be entertaining.

S, C, and I are headed to NYC tomorrow. We got a hotel room just a block away from Time Square. We are all so excited to see the lights and the crowds. I am hoping we'll be able to go to the Today Show on either Saturday or Sunday, even if only for a few minutes, it would be fun to see Lester or Jenna. My mom and my aunt both sent me a few $$ for the trip. I can't believe I am going to be 35 and my mommy and God mother still send me cash. (God I love that!) Fun should be had by all. 

Obviously the diet will resume AFTER the trip! I have so been slacking lately. It is awful to yo-yo like this, but man my will power has been nil lately. I have been slamming down the Diet Coke like crazy when I should be drinking water. Eating tons of breads and pastas and less and less protein. My only saving grace is that I've been huge on the fruits and veggies and have fallen in love with Greek Yogurt. At least my nails are growing strong and my skin is really clear :P)

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Becca B said...

I love Greek Yogurt!!! Have a great trip :)