Thursday, April 28, 2011

Antisocial Mommy?

So there is one little boy in the neighborhood that sort of bugs me. Sort of is actaully a pretty light description. The problem isn't exactly the young man, just that he is always outside and rings the bell like clock work. And God forbid if C says he doesn't want to play, then the doorbell rings every ten minutes. To top it off the child's English is garbled at best. If I tell him something, anything he just babbles away. Anyway, normally we invite anyone and everyone into our home, but for some reason I have neglected to invite this little one in. This afternoon is the first time ever that he has been inside. (Please note he is 5 and rode his bike here with no helmet and didn't ask his mom if he could come in. - Justification for my antisocial behavior -probably) To my surprise the boys are playing nicely and seem very content. 

Last year around this time I had a lot of trouble with some other neighborhood kids always being here and not listening. This year I have really tightened up the ship. If kids are misbehaving I let them know and ask for them to change their behavior as nice as possible. If they keep it up I send them home, one time I asked a little girl age 10,  "A would you do that if your mother was here?" She turned a bright shade of pink and said "gotcha". It was actaully kind of cute. But now the group is all a little older and seem to play great together for the most part which is so nice. But this year we also have a newbie to the group, the little guy.

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