Saturday, April 30, 2011


Peppy plagued me last night. I tossed and turned wondering if the whole cycle would be jinxed. So unrealistic; I know. 

So I hit the blogs for inspiration, I've been blog hopping and found hundreds of others telling their stories too. It is rather amazing to me that we are not alone. It is also a God send to read about other people's feelings about the mundane and they travel this road, because your feelings about things really do change. Although it is a little strange to see a stranger's personal thoughts - I figure if I could help someone feel that they are not alone by reading my ramblings than I'd want that - so maybe we are all in the same boat. Anyway about the mundane:

One fellow blogger wrote about a pair of high heels that were absolutely to die for - she even provided a pictures, my point, even buying a pair of heels had something to do with the whole infertility road. On anyone's blog about any little thing we are all either saying what we are doing to make it work or throwing caution to the wind and living a little and we've all done all that all in the same day. The whole thing consumes us.

Huh, I am now enlightened and slightly inspired. Feeling better about Peppy. Although I know she has a monitoring appointment tomorrow - her and I are on the same day ... she'll be my buddy again tomorrow - Oh Lord help me, I sure attract them.

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