Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Introducing The Real Slim Shady

This morning I had an IVF monitoring appointment. I arrived without incident and took a seat in the waiting room. When an extra seat opened up I switched over because the one I was in had a wayward spring that was being a little to friendly with my ass. OUCH. Anyway when I moved, I got talking with another patient and was so surprised at how negative and stressed out she was. Then I realized, she is me; or better yet, I was her. I offered as much encouragement and support as I could in the hour I spent with her but upon leaving I felt so drained and really sorry for her. Not me ... her. I don't feel sorry for me. Imagine that!

And now I get something a friend said to me a few years back. She explained that when she was going through the process she got to a point where she was more or less freed and felt that if it will happen; it will happen. She joked about giving herself shots in a restaurant while her and her husband drank margaritas with another IVF couple. At the time I remember thinking "really, I cannot do that, this has to work NOW!" although I think it came out something like "I am trying to relax" or something equally as phony. Thank God she is still my friend.

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Becca B said...

I love this post! I can feel the positive energy...keep up the good work!!! You rock!