Monday, November 21, 2011

Report Card Season

After reviewing my child's report card and stewing about it for a week I have opted for a passive aggressive approach to a solution. (Obviously, passive aggressive behavior is the most ideal for any situation) The highlighted portions is the translation of such an approach.

An email, sent this morning to C's Teacher:

Hi Miss D,

I would like to request a meeting with you. S and I are very concerned about the path C seems to be on at school. It appears he is taking major steps backwards in behavior and effort which, if not already, will have a negative effect on his learning progress.

You are getting on my nerves. C is worse than ever at school and I think it is your fault. How can he get good grades in everything except effort?

I was first keyed into this at our conference at the beginning of the the month and since then, as a family, we have put a few new 'rules' and 'attitudes' into place here at home, but after seeing his report card and talking with him more we are convinced that there is a bigger problem then we'd hoped. Quite honestly I personally wanted to cry after seeing his report card and cannot imagine what is going on at school during the day for his effort grades to be that horrible. Most importantly we may be missing the bigger picture of what is going with C that is causing these bad grades.

You blindsided me at the last meeting and I was on the defense, hardly hearing what you were saying. You gave my kid bad grades because you are too sensitive. I think that sucks!

My schedule is very flexible and I can meet with you at your earliest convenience. Or if you feel these matters can be better addressed over the phone you can reach me at Also, if you'd like me to talk with Mrs P first, feel free to forward this message to her. Our goal is to smooth out some rough spots for C not cause you distress.

I don't really want to meet with you either but won't say it. I am hoping you pick up on this and just call. Better yet, have a different teacher call, one I like a little more.

Thank you for your time and special attention with this issue,

There wouldn't be an issue if you could pay attention.

Jamie Wagner 

Pissed off Mommy.

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Chickenpig said...

The next time I need to send a letter to my son's teacher, could I have you write it for me? You NAILED it. I'm sorry that his teacher is having issues with him. :( I hope you're able to work it out before too much backsliding happens.