Friday, February 3, 2012


Wow, what a week.

To be FB redundant:
Quote of the Day. "Mrs Wagner, your repair bill in on us; next time feel free to overlook the carfax."
My A/C doesn't work in the new car. (Thank goodness we had a hot day otherwise I wouldn't have noticed until late spring and then that might have been too late to do anything about it) So, I dropped the car off and this morning I get all call stating that the repair is $1400 because there is a broken air compressor. My warranty - which I negotiated doesn't cover this because it isn't power train. I ask you my friends, is anything covered under power train? But to be nice they say they can get the cost down to $600. I agreed, that is better than the original quote but... and a light bulb actaully appeared over my head in mid-air, "Wait a sec, this problem was noted on the carfax report before I bought the car - so I assumed it was fixed." The man was speechless and although expertly nice gave me a song and dance about me having to talk to the manager and my sales rep. I of course agreed and was just as nice as pie back. An hour later I got the call with the above quote left on my voice mail. I of course cheered, but also saved the message. It is quite funny.

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Becca B said...

Love it!!!!! You go girl :)