Thursday, February 2, 2012


Man I slept great great last! I woke up chipper and ready to go. Which is great because yesterday at this time I was still trying to keep both eyes to stay open :P) So, up and At'em. Then I realized I don't have to be at work until 7:00,  but I already had my running sneakers on. Oh well, always nice to have a little time to relax in the morning anyway. I only ran a mile, my hip flexor is killing me, I am going to try to stretch it out more before I hit the treadmill tomorrow and even before I head to bed tonight.

In the mean time I downloaded some songs that I've been meaning to put on my MP3 player for a while now. Lately I am obsessed with TobyMac. I've even got C turning up the radio when "City on our Knees" comes on. My favorite is an older acoustic version our radio station has been playing a lot called "Made to Love". Lately I've been so sick of the regular pop stations. The swears & sex references in the music are so gross, it is embarrassing. I am no prude, but man, how many times do I need to explain to our son that just because they say it on the radio doesn't me we can talk about it or use those types of words. I've finally had enough and have just stopped putting them on in my car. Family friendly radio only. Our compromise is my MP3 player, I have only clean versions of all songs on there - that seems to satisfy C. 

Alright - enough hanging out, now I really do have to get ready for work. I am hopeful it goes well. I have asked to train at yet another satellite site in order to gain some perspective and learn the little details. I even set up training for Carmen and I next week when we have someone from corporate coming to our office to give instructions on scanning. I am all in folks, all in.

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