Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sort of Awesome ... When You Think of It

So, yesterday kinda blew at work. My co-worker made a mistake on the cash that was accepted the day before and it all sort of hit the fan. Her paper work was really messy, so in an attempt to clean it up and help find the missing funds, I redid portions of it. In the end we couldn't find the mistake and the days tab was five dollars short. Totally a mistake... it happens. So after we crunched and crunched and the numbers still didn't make sense Carmen called the big boss up at the main hospital. Time to fess up. Well over the phone everything was okay, it was a problem but one that can be fixed. But once the 'messy' paper work got to where it was going and was audited, well then it wasn't such a small problem. Needless to say Carmen and I both went home yesterday a little frazzled. I was particularly upset because I wondered if I was getting thrown under the proverbial bus when I really had nothing to do with this money. In fact, I actaully fixed some of the paperwork, but since neither of new the 'proper' way to do it there were so missing parts. 

Last night, I fell into bed exhausted. My only prayer "please help me see the best qualities in Carmen tomorrow." 

This morning sort of started out rough. I could not get moving and I just wanted to curl up with a book and shut out the real world. But alas, 5:40 came and it was time to leave for work. Once I got to work and things got moving it seemed that the "boss's" were pinging about this or that - but there was so much work to do that it didn't seem to high on the priority list. Then it hit me. Carmen and I were working together. Not at opposite ends of the desk trying not to do more work than the other person, but together. When I had a patient trying to drop of a cup of sperm when he should have been rubbing one out at his reserved room in another office Carmen stepped right in. She called several offices to find out which one could take his "specimen" and got him to agree to drive it there with relatively no upsets. She was smooth and professional. (Our office only takes the "goods" on M, T, & F - just so you know.)

Later on in the day she helped me coordinate an appointment, offered to make a difficult phone call for me (I declined, but so appreciated it), and when I accidentally threw paperwork away in the secured shred box, she helped me find the keys. 

Life is good my friends. Sometimes you just need to know what to pray for.

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