Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yada, Yada, Yada

Oye ve. Went to the doctors today, my hip has been bothering me. Anyway, no running for at least three weeks. I am so bummed out over it. I love running and have really been on the band wagon lately, running in the mornings and sometimes in the evening with C. But alas, I am back to walking on flat ground after injuring my hip flexor and possibly wearing out the cartilage in that joint. The PA said to rest it for three weeks and return. If it is better than great, if not they'll send me for a CT or and MRI depending on what is going on. Well, thank goodness for great medical care!

In other news - work is way better the past few days, although BFGG was eating Doritos yesterday and talking to me and when we walked away I noticed Dorito flecks on my shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so grossed out. She makes my skin crawl. Plus she's a little mean and sarcastic. Me no like.

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