Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

C has pneumonia. All week I've been sending him to school only to learn the poor kid really is sick and it isn't "just a cough."  The good news; our clinic was open yesterday and fit him in with in hours of me calling & they gave him an antibiotic that is already working! Thank goodness. 

So today we are having a stay at home day due to the sickness. But it has turned out to be somewhat busy for me. Somehow I managed to get the grocery shopping done before 9:00 this morning, the house cleaned before 11:00, lunch made, served and cleaned up before 12:00, ran out to return an item, spend a gift card, and fill my gas tank all before 2:00, then watch two episodes of Vampire Diaries while ironing clothes and folding clean laundry. Somewhere in there I was actaully able to talk to my sister for an hour - which is always nice, rather enjoyable, and always a good laugh.

Life is generally good. The bills are paid ... paid AHEAD! Thank you!!!! The abode is sparkly. Valentine's Day has been celebrated - so fun! (S is TDY this coming week, so on Saturday we exchanged cards and went out to eat ... in between going to the doctors and getting the dog groomed - LOL, priorities don't ya know.)

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