Monday, February 6, 2012

Check, Check, & Check Mate

Taxes = Done. Get this, out of all the darn medical expenses last year, and there were a lot of them. We still didn't qualify for more that the standard deduction. We had over 10K in doctor receipts and still - bupkis. Oh well, at least we get a refund. That should help the countdowns pretty well. 

Super Bowl party = done, even the clean up. Even though our home team lost we still had a fun time. S invited three sets of neighbors over and a former coworker of his. Surprisingly everyone made it. We all had a great time visiting, watching the game & commercials, and watching the kids play. I can't wait for the next block party!

Work = sucky today. It is bound to happen once in a while but man was today bad. I bet I took 75 phone calls today plus regular scheduling, a doctor meeting, new patient registrations, and whole slew of other tasks I am sure I did a less than stellar job on. One patient actaully screamed at me and told me that I had no compassion, wasn't on her side, didn't care, was "stone walling" her, and making her feel like she wasn't important. I did no such things, I was kind, understanding, and tried so hard to help her. In the end I took my Diet Coke and went into the bathroom where I proceeded to bawl just long enough so all my eye liner would run down the center of my cheeks. All this because the doctor had no open appointments - even though I offered to confer with the doctor to see what our options were - and to call her back, nothing seemed to appease here. I can take the yelling and the frustration, but I cannot take when people accuse me of being mean and unkind. I did everything I was suppose to and still the person felt it was necessary to inflict emotional damage. I just don't get it.

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Chickenpig said...

That just sucks. The thing that bothers me is that a lot of women like this are just bitches...and she probably got off the phone and blamed it on hormones and went about her day. There are people that spread kindness and those that dump rain on everybody. I guess we know which one SHE is.

I'm glad your party was a success. I'm still bummed that the Pats brought their C+ game to the Supe.r Bow.l instead of their A game. :(