Friday, May 6, 2011

La La Land

So I have more or less been out of it for the past few days. I had retrieval surgery a few days ago and it went well. We ended up with 24 eggs, 14 of which fertilized. We are very lucky and this time I actaully feel that way. Tomorrow we have a scheduled transfer but if we still have 8 or more embryos we'll probably wait until they are 5 days old to get the strongest ones. If there are less than 8 we transfer tomorrow and grow the rest to day six to see if any of them can be frozen. So, here we have it the IVF scoop . 

In  other non- related news that will somehow end up related: yesterday I was feeling well so M and I ran over to Walmart - yes I realize I have no love for the place - anyway we had a few things to pick up, including my birthday present (I saved some $ my mommy and aunt sent), a blu-ray wireless DVD player. Today we have to go back out to get the right cable for it (figures - LOL). So, then we head over to the gas station to fill up and this very nice man whom reminded me of my dad starts telling M that one of our tires are low. Since it is my car I get out to take a look and sure enough it is really low. So after some chit chat and 45 dollars for 12 gallons of gas we head over to Sears and have the tire checked out. It had a nail in it. Oddly I think that nail has been there since November. I just kept putting more air in the tire. 

All of this might not be all that riveting. Well, alright, it isn't at all entertaining. Here are the moreentertaining parts: tidbits for posterity: while looking for pantyliners in the store I tell M, honestly and openly as if there is no one else around; "The medicine that goes up my "Who-Ha" is leaking. " She laughed out loud at the word "Who-ha" and an old lady looked at me as if lightening was going to strike me down. Secondly, while in JC Penny the mechanic looking at my car called and asked if there was a trick to opening my door. I replied "yeah, unlock it". What a moron. He continues to tell me that the key tag won't open the door (dead battery) and the electric locks won't work ..... DIP SHIT! If they don't work manually unlock the doors. The lady in line behind me was so cute and funny she says "boy and they are suppose to be the stronger sex". As long as I am not using words like "Who-ha" old ladies generally love me. We continued to have a rather fun conversation about the pitfalls of men.


Becca B said...

I so wish I was there for the "who-ha" comment LMAO!!!!! Man the old lady must have been a "hoot".

Tiffany said...

You have me cracking up! I love the word who-ha. I personally plan to use it when I'm in fact an old lady myeslf! lol!