Monday, May 2, 2011


So this is the day, the ones IVFers look forward to, or dread the most. It is the biggest shot, the big daddy or mama is you prefer, it is that actual, not proverbial, shot in the ass. Good times, actaully if memory recalls it wasn't too bad. This HCG shot makes you get ready to release the eggs but just before they ready to go (about a day and a half later) you go into surgery for the retrieval surgery. The next few steps just including waiting and hearing about how those little embryos are growing until it is time to stick them back in (transfer) for us it will probably be Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. It is kind of exciting to get towards the end of the shots and to hear how many embryos we will have. I'd use the term cautiously optimistic, but that almost feels negative, I'll stick with excited to see what life brings me next.

In other non-IVF news: M got here yesterday, super awesome! It was so nice to have her go with me to today appointment, and to see her try to suppress a laugh and series of "OH MY GOD" gasps when she saw the magic probing wand. (I know I said non-IVF news - all consuming people, all consuming :) )

Also, In Barnes and Noble this morning I fell on a toilet seat, completely crashed down on to my left cheek. Apparently the store is Little People friendly and I just didn't realize how low that commode actaully was and the next thing I know I yell "Oh Crap" ... in the bathroom - in a public bathroom -and I wasn't the only one in there. The irony of choosing crap as my expletive cracks me up. Yup, I am the chick that laughs at her own jokes.


Jamie said...

LMBO oh boy!! I needed a serious laugh tonight! PRAYING so hard that everything falls into place this time and that in 9 months time you'll be holding a precious baby! Love you!

Becca B said...

LOL!!!!!! Love are too funny. (I miss you too.) Things seem to be going so fast this time. I am also praying and sending good thoughts your way. If anyone deserves this you do. I love your positive outlook, keep up the good work.

Tiffany said...

Hey, new follower here and you are hilarious! Good luck with this cycle, I'm very excited for you. Sorry to hear about your toilet fall, what a shitty situation. HAHA, shitty, get it?