Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not Funny

Off this morning to an emergency visit to the IVF ward at Walter Reed. In the end it ended up being swollen ovaries that we causing the majority of the pain. While doing an ultrasound the doctor noted "Whoa, your ovaries are like 10 times the size they should be." Another doctor noted during a second ultrasound that my full bladder was the same size as my left ovary. Yowzaa.

So as it stands right now, I was given more shots, this time blood thinners, and told to drink my weight in Gatorade. Transfer is tomorrow, but most likely we will be told to freeze our embryos (if they last) and return in a few months. 

I am sort of bummed out but honestly not that upset; better to be healthy and feeling good. Although sitting upright at the moment is a VAST improvement. Prayers for me.


Becca B said...

Praying...did they say what causes that? Big hug and lots of love. Is M still there? Thinking of you!

I am OK said...

They did the transfer in the end. But my body is still a mess. My ovaries are litterally the size of grapefruits. Yumm-o