Thursday, May 12, 2011

Motivational Speaking

I am so tired this afternoon. Oh well, no complaints, after all I do feel better. The pressure has almost completely stopped and my stomach has gone down some; a few days ago I couldn't even zip my sweatshirt up over my belly! I swear I looked 6 months pregnant. So now I am focused more on that little embryo inside me. Stick, stick, stick!

This morning I toured my own blog. Having tried all this two years ago pretty much to the month was heart wrenching but to go back and read the things I deemed important enough to mention then didn't actaully leave me with sadness. Sure I wish after that little embryo stuck it actaully stayed stuck and grew but it didn't. And it is sad, but I can handle that one now. Granted I logged a lot of hours on the little red couch at the therapists office in order to do so. However looking back I felt stronger, and more confident, still goofy and mentioning fart jokes; and boy were the visit to the IVF clinic funny - I'd actaully forgotten most of it. But I got through it and now I am finding a lot of the feelings, both physical and emotional, are par for the course even with the added stress of OHSS. I am OK.

Stick, stick, stick, grow, grow, grow. Please, Please, Please. Amen.

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