Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blogger Sort of Hates Me

I am not quite sure how I am in, but I' m in. Blogger won't let me log in saying that I have two accounts with gmail and blogger using the same address. Well, yeah - how many email address does one need? I am so confused :)

The latest with my arm: The elbow healed fast, but after seeing the ortho doc it was determined that I had five broken bones in my arm (two are fingers - so those might not really count) and an unconfirmed number of broken ribs. I was too bruised for xrays of my chest. But as the swelling goes down I can pretty much pin point the three if not four that are broken. So if you haven't been counting .. that is a total of 9 possible broken bones, 5 confirmed. All because our neighbors left their dog unattended in their front yard. 

Honestly I could have really sued our neighbors. But it was just an accident and the dog was not vicious by any means. So, they ended up paying for a replacement pair of glasses and we called it a day. The homeowner even came over last night to express how sorry they were and to thank us for not reporting them. But you know, accidents happen. We have a big dog too, and what if she got loose and wanted to ride a bike with someone too? I am just trying to add to the karma bank; I suppose. 

There is so much to update on but to keep it short: I am trying to stay positive and thankful but the chip on my shoulder is growing so heavy that I am having trouble standing up straight. FET is over, no good news there. My bones are broken and I am sore. We are do for orders but so far nothing. S is freaking. S had surgery on his foot (planned) but he isn't healing properly and the pins that were put in have shifted and caused infections. I could go on and one. But to switch it up, there is some good.

C started 2nd grade today. He looked so darn cute in his new shoes and backpack. Such a sweetie! We had a great couple of weeks with  my parents. One week here and one in Massachusetts. I got to see one friend when I was home, Mar - who just happens to be a sweetheart and always visits with my family too. We also had a family BBQ, with full contact Wiffle Ball, it is becoming a tradition. 

Well, the to do list is extensive and includes unpacking heading out in the rain for Diet Coke. Good Times:)

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