Monday, September 26, 2011

What to Do?

I need a new car. Over the weekend S and I crunched all the numbers and realized that we could afford one. Funny thing is, once we realized that and he was okay with it I suddenly wasn't. I'll have to shelf it anyway; we are going to have an estimate done to see how much it will cost to fix mine first; then make a decision. 

In other news I got the nicest compliment this morning. We had our semi annual house inspection from the rental agency and then inspector said "you keep a very nice house, you make my job so easy." I thought that was very sweet and it made me feel good, especially since it was the second time someone said a similar thing just last week. 

Last Thursday I sold some roller skates my sister had donated to the Cooper College Fund. (CCF). The lady who came to look at them complimented me on our furniture placement and tidiness. Then she proceeded to skate on our hardwood floors and gave me a slight heart attack. After that I didn't really thing about her compliment. But you know, that really is a nice thing for a stay at home mom to here. 

Doing a good job at the job I have is hard sometimes, especially when we are questioning our budget and looking at a mountain of medical debt. (thanks IVF)  I get overwhelmed and cranky. It seems like every time we pull out the family ledger (really just an Excel printout) we are questioning if I should be working full time. It maybe a little simplistic but hearing that I have been doing a nice job here at the house sure gives me focus and helps me appreciate the life I have.

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Chickenpig said...

We are in the same boat car wise. We bought a minivan after we had the twins, and my husband has been driving my car to work. My car is now 11 years old and no longer reliable. We can keep it running along, but when it breaks down and requires fixing, it takes a chunk of money, mostly in the form of lost wages. It is also a huge PITA when I have to load 3 kids in the car and drive 30 miles to pick him up because the car won't start. Grr... Time to buy a new one.