Saturday, September 10, 2011


Wow, we just had the mother load of all yard sales. S and I inherited some furniture from my grandparents after they both passed and once we actaully got it into our house (thanks to my mom and dad) we realized their used 30 + year old old-lady furniture is way nicer than our move around the country garage sale and family left over finds. So we got rid of a ton of our stuff including chairs, tables, a bed room set (although we sold that one on craigslist a few weeks ago - it couldn't wait) plus a whole slew of stuff C out grew, including his armoire and end table. So happy to see all that crap go! Once we established that it was the end of the day I loaded my car and high tailed it to Good Will. Now, what to do with the $$$

The cash didn't even last until the end of the sale! Scott had to leave and register C for CCD, that cost $100.00. Then S was like, "hey I need $50.00 for my fantasy football league", and then C was like, "where's my cut?" then S says "oh, and we need $25.00 for the concert tonight and money for parking" There isn't much left over but I'd say it will buy us a nice lunch tomorrow and maybe even a few gallons of gas.

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