Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who Me, Over React?

This morning I walked into work and turned on the lights, the only person there was my boss who started my day with "Don't worry Jamie, you are going to have a way better day today." I took the first deep breath in hours and listened to her tell me she figured out which patient I had the mishap for and that everything is okay. This is all before I could even really say good morning. I have had other jobs that really would have read me the riot act for the most honest of mistakes. I am not use to this stuff ... and it is great. In health care you always have to worry about HIPAA laws and I was just assuming because I mixed patients up they'd have to be notified and I'd either be written up or fired. That is the way it seems to generally work right? Yeah - no. Scheduling is totally different from Medical Records (my working history) and I don't work for assholes (also my history).

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