Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Bullshit Meter

My Bullshit Meter is at low tolerance. Although I am feeling better than I was yesterday, the following list are things that just make me want to flip people off:

  • My son got a card from my in-laws cat. With money in it. Weird.
  • My dog has fleas. We bought the vet prescription preventative stuff and it still doesn't work. Poor thing.
  • I cannot seem to find Caffeine Free Diet coke for under $8.00 a 24 pack.
  • S is going to call down to some 'orders guy' for his career field and ask for a remote using his clearance today. A remote in going to happen? Great.
  • I keep finding crap that should have gone to the yard sale. An old hope chest, a 19" TV, toys, clothes. You name it.
  • I need to clean the carpets. 
  • I think I found the skunk home. I keep filling this certain area with dirt and yet every night it gets dug out. Right between the driveway and the sidewalk. I have a huge bag of rock salt, I wonder if that will make that little fucker move. 
  • Aflac comercials
  • Why on earth are K Cups so flipping expensive. 12.99 for 12 at Wegmans! I really need to get out to the commissary. But chances are my car won't make it.
  • My car. We used fix-a-flat in one tire and now I should buy the replacement, but chances are if we get orders that is the first thing we'll sell. So for now, it is in town driving only.
  • Christmas. Yup already. I am still going to push for Hawaii. 
  • My husbands bum foot, the other foot, his leg / knee, and every other health issue. I know, I know in sickness and in health... errr.
  • My bum arm. I cannot wait to run again. I actually tried yesterday, I got about 1/100th of a mile before I understood why I can't. OUCH! I walked instead, but that doesn't relieve the stress as much. If I am not breathing like a 1000 pound man in the hot sun then I don't have enough distraction and can think. I need to not think in order to think clearly later. 
  • I am human. Not super human. 
  • There are only 24 hours in a day.
  • School fundraisers. School newsletters. 
  • Blah, Blah, Blah. Pity party.


Chickenpig said...

School newsletters and school fundraisers!!! Top of the list.

Becca B said...

We can have a pity party together. My list would have scouts, and all male humans. They infuruate me. Except fictional vampire ones!!!