Friday, September 30, 2011


Jack Johnson is one of my favorite singers. I could listen to him all day every day and never get sick of his voice. And I've pretty much been doing that all day while I work around the house. Good day. Happy day. Nothing earth shattering to deal with, no real stress or issues to take care of, just a normal day. I made a cake for C's birthday and the house smells heavenly. I made a homemade card for C to take to a different b-day party this afternoon and it came out so adorable, sometimes I surprise myself there. C got home from school, threw his backpack on the chair and said "great day Mom, I'm going to play!" I love that, when the weather is perfect and the kids can't wait to get outside and run around.

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Jess said...

To be a kid again, huh??

I love, love, love music as well. Takes you away. Relaxes you. Sets the mood for the day. Not much better. :)

Have a blessed week!