Saturday, January 21, 2012


That is the number of patients our clinic saw this morning from 7-10am. That is only about 35 more than the supposed average. K and I (K is my weekend co-worker & I love working with her) talked with one of the sonographers and she mentioned that she thinks "they" are going to have to extend our weekend hours to accommodate so many patients. I think that is a a definite possibility, so I volunteered to work the extended hours. If it is at all possible (i.e. they haven't filled my part time slot yet) then I would just cut a few hours during the week. (like Monday afternoons!) The best part - finger crossed it works out - it would save us $140 a week in day care! Yes it really does cost that much here, thank you Fairfax County and half day Mondays!

Tangent: The high-schoolers and middle-schoolers do no get out until 3:00. Grades K-6 get out at 12:50. So a teenager after school sitter is out of the question. Currently we need a baby sitter on Mondays from 12:50-4:00 and T-F from 3:45-4:00. I kid you not. $140 a week for 4 hours of day care! We are on the wait lists for the after school program run by the school system but even that is on a sliding scale and we are now at the top. $575.00 per month. So currently 140*52/12= $606 a month. Crazy huh?

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