Sunday, January 22, 2012


The number of patients we saw today in a three hour window. Crazy morning. The nurses looked like they were going to pull their hair out. Can't say I blame them. This is a record. 

Oh well, that is why we get paid right?!?!? Ha, ha. Sooo speaking of being paid. I cannot wait until Friday. My dearest husband forgot his government credit card when he was on travel last week to NY and he forgot all of his emergency CC's too. So he charged everything on our bank card. We'll get the $ back but until then we have 57 bucks left in our checking account! And... I need gas. Plus I think EZ pass is going to pull $75.00 this week too - since I've been using it like crazy for work. PLUSSSSS, day care is due tomorrow at $140.00 - see yesterdays tangent. Hmm time to transfer money from savings again. Sometimes I wonder why I even put the money in savings in the first place. :)

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