Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Test Driving & Shitty Salesmen

First lets start by saying I bought a new car today. Oh Yeah Baby! But also lets just say that it was such an annoying process and I have had an entertaining afternoon leaving feedback on customer service surveys. Let's just look at the highlights:

The Chevy Aveo
  • Dick of a salesmen
  • Left me in a the car for almost 15 minutes while he searched for a gate tag to get out of the lot. Didn't even leave the keys in the car for me to listen to the radio, turn the heat on or off, or roll down the windows. Also he parked horribly near a carwash entrance and at least 20 people who worked there were giving me the hairy eyeball.
  • When I said I didn't like the car he said that is because it was too compact. So I asked to test drive the Malibu next.
  • Told me not to buy an piece of American crap

The Chevy Malibu
  • Same flipping salesman
  • Same great demeanor, when we were pulling out of the lot  he told me to "watch out for that cop" - I was at a stop sign and it was my turn, why would I watch out???
  • Horribly small trunk opening
The Ford Fusion
  • Next Dealership, cool car but pricey
  • Asshole salesman who asked me two different times "Why you not buy today?" Really, isn't English required to sell me a car. I don't speak Fragmented Asshole.
  • The Asshole kind of smelled
  • I asked if they had any older models with better prices he replied "I check when you bring your husband back"
  • I LEFT!
The Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Next Dealership
  • Test drive with salesman whom seems nice enough
  • When the drive is over I mention that the car smell of cigarettes and ask if there is something similar like a Toyota Rav4  that doesn't smell
  • He didn't like my attitude. He said "You shouldn't be so abrupt, this is a great car for the money, nothing some detailing couldn't fix." and I said "Then that should have already been taken care of"
  • I LEFT!
Toyota Rav4
  • Yet another dealership
  • Nice car! Expensive car.
  • Pretty normal test drive except the guy didn't want me to go on the highway where I wanted to go. West has a higher speed limit and I wanted to see how the car handled. 
  • When I asked him if I could hit a pothole to see how it felt the man cringed, I laughed and said "I am only kidding, how about a few speed bumps?" I was serious, he wasn't amused.
Volvo CX90
  • The Winner
  • New Dealership
  • They didn't ask to see my license, they didn't ask my mother's maiden name, or for an arm and a leg
  • They let me test all the cars I wanted all by myself
  • When I asked if I could hit a pot hole the guy answered "There are several out back"
  • When I asked if they could move on the price ... They did!
  • The man never had to go talk to a boss or ask someone else for help
  • He never asked me about my husband or made any comments about me buying my own car
  • I found the one I wanted, negotiated a fair deal, got a few perks - like extra maintenance and a longer warranty at no cost to me and walked out a  happy girl.
  • I signed the paperwork to have the car and price on hold for me until tomorrow. Unless I wake up full of dread and regret the car is mine and I can go pick it up. (S and I have an agreement there - we always sleep on the idea, sure has saved us from a lot of mistakes.)

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Jamie said...

Wow, unreal!!! Who'd think salesmen would be that way...isn't it to their benefit to SELL you a car? Probably see a woman coming and think she doesn't know her sh##. lol If you still get it in the AM I wanna see a pic! Congrats =)