Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Countdowns

Because December was the month of which I shall not speak of concerning countdowns I figured January would be horrible when started crunching numbers again. But alas, I faced the music. 

DEBT: Well we added a new car, obviously that adds to the mountain, but we were reasonable and feel good about that. We also paid off the old car first and have that to sell, we've procured a potential buyer; there's a story there - I think I am going to back out of the sale, but I am confident that we can sell it by the end of February. In the end if you don't count the new car we were able to get our number down 42079 which is a whopping 800 dollars down in two months. That is pretty lousy, but we're back on the horse! The 42079 is a moot point because of the new vehicle but the countdown certainly is not. Next on the list. Citi Bank. We are just tackling one at a time now. The balance: 2233.00. This is left over from our very first IVF cycle with the military. It will be so nice when that is non-existent! The new job will certainly help that one :P)

Weight: M and I are still plugging away and I have been seeing results. I am down yet another few pounds and started to flatten out in some of my rounder areas. Also my boobs are smaller - thank GOD! I hate having a large chest. You'd think that since I had a breast reduction surgery I wouldn't have that problem, but I do. Those puppies shoot up to a Double D at the first sign of emotional eating.

The Sale: I have buyer in waiting. They've offered cash and just request I drive it to them one town away. At first it sounded reasonable but in one day they called me three or four times asking oddly specific questions about the DMV, transferring plates, and asking to lower the price for this reason or that. Then they asked if they could keep my plates until they were able to go the DMV. Another call was concerning the timing belt. I was honest, it hasn't been changed, it costs 675 for that and the water pump at my mechanic, he'll honor that price for  you, and they were like "well it really costs 1000." Anyway they are suppose to call me with a time to meet up. Keep in mind they haven't even seen the car yet. If they don't call by noon, I'm calling them and telling them no thank you. If they call me, I am telling them the same thing.

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