Friday, January 13, 2012

Starting Monday

I cannot believe that I start my new job on Monday. It seemed like it was going to be forever until I started and surprise it is here. I would have thought I'd be busy cleaning, cooking, preparing, but nope, I was actaully bored today. I ran around doing a few errands, met S for lunch, walked to dog, talked to my mommy, and now I am hanging out watching Ellen. (Hilarious BTW) All proof that I am more than ready to go back to work during the day. :P) I hope I still feel like that at the end of next week. 

C has been giving me an earful about going to an after school program. My feeling, TOUGH. In the past I felt completely guilty about sending him to daycare. This time around, not so much. We found a good program, close to home, expensive but convenient, with caring providers and lots of fun things to do. He is lucky. I refuse to parent with guilt and remorse. Sometimes it is on your heart to stay home through grade school or later and sometimes it isn't. This time around we set up a great schedule and both of us (i.e. the parents) are ready. Obviously this is just a pep talk for myself.


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crimsoncovered said...

just a pep talk for myself!
That made me laugh:)