Monday, January 9, 2012

Winds Blow

Tides are turning, slowly. The husband is trying and I certainly appreciate it. 

Work is good. This weekend we had a patient that almost made me cry - just because she was so upset. I felt so bad for her. Hopefully I said the right things to comfort her a little. Other than that one thing everything else went smoothly. There is still no exact work on when I start. It feels like a lifetime away but really that isn't a bad thing. It gives my family time to ease into things. This morning was S's first day of bus stop duty and I gotta tell my future self, it was pretty funny. The man really didn't know how to make a school lunch or to tell an 8 yr old to wear a coat when it is 27 degrees out. But I helped out and everyone made it to where they were going , group effort style. Family Style. 

So speaking of family style, on Saturday we decided to have a family game night. We pulled out all the board games we got for Christmas and started to assemble. U-build connect four was absolutely CRAZY and although fun in the end a little hard to play without having to constantly chasing after rouge checkers. We apologize to anyone we sent this game to - sometimes the games just look so cool. We also put together Statego which was certainly one of my favorites as a kid. This game is a really good game for C. He loved it and we ended up leaving it on the table and playing all weekend. Thank you J, K & not so baby A.

Good times were had by all ;=)

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Jamie said...

Awesome! We got a couple of games for Christmas and have no idea how to play them (even after me only reading the instructions). Farkle & Rummikub, so if you have any pointers in Jamie-ese on these games please email me =)