Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Countdowns & Other Rantings

The Countdowns continue. Although December is the month of which we shall not speak of in that regard. YIKES.

Other ramblings:

  • I realize I am mad at IVF. I let it totally control me last year and it didn't even work. I am going to try to resolve that one - but it is buried kind of deep. I suppose that is why I like my job. I have a chance to make someone's cycle a little more bearable.
  • I haven't really heard officially if I have the full time position at said job yet,  but they did tell me they want to move forward after every one gets back from Vacation. (they are a little poky over in HR :))
  • My sister, husband, and I are doing another weight loss challenge. This one is going until March. Should be fun. This one is double or nothing. {We did one before Christmas but didn't have time to cash in the prize}
  • I need to send out thank you cards
  • I need to go grocery shopping
  • I need to recolor my gray
  • I wonder when you start to go gray in other places as compared to your head ... 
  • Biggest Looser is back - and I am so hooked. This season promises to be horribly staged - right up my alley. 
  • Vampire Diaries is very yummy. I am on season two and totally loving it.
  • Massachusetts was entertaining. A good Christmas for sure - we're just glad to be home. In fact everything about the holiday was pretty perfect other than us running out of time to visit with everyone. 

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