Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aren't We Funny

I spent the better part of the day researching information regarding a becoming a real estate agent. I actaully enjoyed looking up all the ins and out and even contacted one of my aunts who is an agent for information. I have three or four scribbled pages of notes and contacts. I chose a school and filled out the enrollment papers. I even wrote out a check. Tonight I was going to talk to S about it when he called and just double check the class dates with him. I have a few to choose from. So that is my idea, I can work part time or less off commission and work towards becoming a broker. Once that happens (2 years) I can run my own business. I like the plan. I should say ... I liked the plan. Until that is I logged on to the computer this afternoon and found an email from the government job I was hoping for, asking me for an interview. YEAH!!! I was just about to give up on them. Actually I gave up on them. This morning. Funny how that works ey? So I think I will sign up for the real estate class for December. If something ever comes of the interview than I may cancel the idea, but if not, I have a back up plan ;)


Kim said...

That is really funny. I thought about doing that too before, when I watched house hunters all the time. I was like I would love a job like that since I like looking at different houses.

Kim said...

BTW forgot to mention, Hope your interview goes good