Thursday, September 9, 2010

Love It! Hate It!

I have a love hate relationship with Craigslist. For example; Today I sold a large bag of old C clothes for 15.00, Love It! However the lady that bought them was really strange. I mean, she seemed nice enough but for some reason assumed I would just be home waiting for her.

C and I went out to dinner and apparently we missed her by just a few minutes. We were gone an hour and when we got home she was here. In an effort to just get her on her way as quick as possible I ran inside grabbed the bag and ran out to her car. She handed me the money and said she'd been waiting an hour. It was weird, why didn't she call first, or email me back with a time. I had no idea she was coming today. Not only that she had told me earlier she lived about an hour away in DC. So why wouldn't she call before she left? If she had, we would have been home.

Anyway after she drove away C and I got the puppy ready for her walk and left again. On our walk I just kept thinking I should have offered her a discount for waiting so long. After all that same bag of clothes I had listed at my yard sale for only 7.00. I feel a little guilty over that. Once we got home though I started to think more about the time and figured it really was her fault not mine and that I shouldn't feel guilty. My add said 15.00 Firm, unfortunately my email says "I am home most of the day" and I suppose she could think I was waiting for her. I could keep picking this apart, seriously I put way too much thought into things sometimes. All this put aside, in that hour, she left NINE messages on my machine. The first five or six were only two to three minutes apart!

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I hope life can only get better said...

WOW! Really do not feel bad for charging her full price. She should have called first. And 9 messages...come on! She sounds a little out there!