Saturday, September 18, 2010


The in-laws will be here Wednesday. I am placing the duct tape over my mouth now, just to be safe. We will have a pleasant visit. I will not get agitated over opinions I don’t share. I will not be put out because I disagree. I will not focus on the negative. I positively will disassociate myself with any friction. Icky attitudes will not be contagious; I’ll wear the duct tape and a surgical mask if needed. General disgruntled persons with hypocritical tendencies and a better-than-thou aura will not rub off on me. Remember Jamie, they are caring, loving, and mean well. They love you. They love your family. They do not mean to be overbearing and obnoxious. They don’t mean to exhaust your mental capacity to the size of a pea.

Things To Do: (before they arrive)

  • Clean up guest room – change sheets, dust, put extra hangers in closet
  • Change light bulbs out in bathroom & Clean the lights and fan
  • Clean the air vent in the hallway (might need to buy Swiffer Duster refills)
  • Organize the down stairs toys
  • Dust the computer room
  • Get oil changed in S’s car
  • Buy Duct Tape

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Oh boy! I pray it will go well for ya!!! We seriously need to catch up by phone soon! I miss you!!!