Sunday, September 19, 2010

What A TUDE!

Yesterday S got home early. C and I picked him up at the airport around four instead of the planned nine thirty. I was pretty happy about it and so was C. When we got home S suggested that he'd change up (Still in work clothes) and then head out to eat. I mentioned that I could stand to go to Costco, since his parents are coming we'll need more food. He was like "Yeah sure sounds good." But then when we actaully got home I could see that he was so tired. I started to ask him what time he got up and he said four in the morning, with the time difference that was two! We went back and forth a few times weather to go or not and eventually we agreed just to run to Costco and then make dinner at home. I said a few times, "I'll just go tomorrow", but S, I don't think, didn't want to disappoint us.

Anyway we get to Costco and about half way through S looses his resolve and gets crabby. Then he starts saying it is me, and we get all pissy with each other. This drives me crazy. I know it was very, very crowded in there. I understand he'd been up since before the crack of dawn. I get it; you're gone, you feel bad, you want to be there with your family; but geez must you be so damn crabby?

When we got home I made up dinner and we had a fairly nice meal. Afterwords I told S I needed twenty minutes to myself and some chocolate. I didn't want to bicker over stupid crap just because he was tired and I was getting short tempered. So, the boys went outside and set up a fire and I had a fudge pop and played a quick game of scrabble. I was feeling much better when I went out to meet the boys.

When I got out there they were playing baseball. S told me to hold the dog because she always chases the balls and eats them. So Maggie and I stayed up on the top deck. Once S said "all right C lets start the fire" and got the ball over by the fence. I let Maggie go and she ran down to the yard. S started yelling loudly at her and I shouted over him "what is wrong?" He started complaining that the dog eats the balls and I said "I waited until you were done before I let her go down there." But apparently there was more than one ball. He was so pissed off. I didn't want to fight over a freaking plastic baseball so I went inside and sat at the table.

C came in behind me and gave me hug. He said "I'll go argue for you". Which totally made me cry! Great now my kid thinks we argue so much he has to finish for me. I just said "no, please don't, I am fine, lets start that fire". But he didn't really follow my lead. C went outside and told S "you hurt mommy's feelings". This absolutely made S so extremely mad. He stormed inside and started yelling at me and then saying he wasn't yelling. I said three or four time, "I cannot tell by your tone" but he just turned it right around by saying "then it is both of us." Because as we all know men can never be wrong!

In the end I just ignored it. We went outside and started the fire. After an hour C asked to go to bed and S brought him in. I stayed outside. Eventually I had to start talking to my husband again and let it all go. I am after all Marry Fucking Poppins!'

But he better be careful; soon I won't want him to come home early. I was fine last night, but for some reason thought about all of this last night while I was sleeping, waking up with a major attitude this morning. Now he has his wiffle ball league today; which is fine, I want him to be able to have fun on his own, but how can he apologize to me while wooing me with flowers and gifts if he isn't here.


I hope life can only get better said...

:( They can never hear what their own tone sounds like, we always have that argument. But I can offer no advise. I wish I was there to come pick you up and go to coldstone cremary to kill it all in ice cream. "Ice cream always loves you!" At first when I read your title I thought it said "What a turd!" (maybe because I have a big turd here!) Okay I am not helping, I'll shut up now!

Jamie said...

Awww man, that stinks. I hate when things like that happen. Hoping he'll spend some time w/you!!!

Kim said...

I feel for you. Jess gets like that too w/ work, being tired and crabby. You look forward to them coming home and spending time w/ them then their crabby and take it out on you. Hope he gets some rest and you guys get to enjoy some time together