Friday, September 10, 2010

It's What We Signed Up For

S called last night with the news: He will officially be traveling at least once a month and most likely two times a month. Hmmm: Well: Currently he "officially" travels once a quarter which has really worked out to be once a month, so now that they are saying one to two times will it be more? He already travels that much. Odd that he was worried to tell me. I mean lets be realistic here, the man is gone a lot. He travels so much we always have a balance on his government credit card. As we get reimbursements I just turn around and send it to the card. But it never covers the balance because by the time he gets the money from one trip he is already on another.

Last night a friend called as I was talking to her I mentioned that S wouldn't be back until tomorrow and we had a busy weekend ahead of us. She responded "you're so lucky, oh wait you guys get along" She meant that she'd like it if her husband was away this much. That made me pretty upset. I didn't really notice that was the reason until later, but it was. It made me think of M & S. M is our cousin. He is in the process of getting divorced from S at her request. One of the reasons according to M's mom (I heard it second hand) was that he traveled a lot and S missed him but then after awhile she started to like the time alone more than the time together and things started to fall apart. Not that this would happen here, but I still found it upsetting.

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Kim said...

Geesh that stinks he'll be gone alot. Keep busy, thats all you can do. That really stinks for that women to have that attitude towards her husband. I know I have a lady I talked to and her husbands whole squadron just left for Afghanistan for 7 months, he didnt go because of medical reasons, and I said oh well lucky you and she goes no I really wanted him to go, he gets on my nerves. I thought to myself geesh they must not have a good relationship. SO sad to hear that