Thursday, September 16, 2010

Total Tube Immersion

Days is awesome this week - LOL. Brady put Vivian in the coffin she poisoned for Maggie - LOL. Sammy shot EJ and only her son knows the truth - LOL. Oh the things I miss when I travel. I love love love trashy TV. Speaking of which I hear the premiere of Always Sunny is on tonight. Life is good in TV world.

Now I must spend the eve programming my new DVR. Third one from Verizon. I suppose it doesn't matter where they come from they all suck. The newest dude told me it was because our high def TV on vivid messes up the IR from the remote and I need to put the cable box under the TV. Right - so I don't know how to use an F'in remote? Yeah - I've got like 30 years experience. There is no new technology there. And my TV doesn't have a vivid feature.

Speaking of Verizon, this is week four and we haven't gotten a bill yet. Also we are still getting all the extra free preview channels. I have a sinking feeling that that is going to backfire. I better get my butt in gear and call them.

After I catch up on yesterday's episode of DAYS.

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