Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Emotional Distress?

I've got a good one. It is certainly a complaint, but I have to share this one ... I have to acknowledge that it isn't me.

Today we took L & D to this thrift store that they like in our area. We trekked out there and were looking around. I told S and them that I would be in the toy section looking for stuffed animals for the dog. Maggie love, love, loves animals and is always after C's. So I pick out a few and I could tell that S was a little miffed. We have different lines of thinking on this point. He thinks you shouldn't give a dog a certain type of toy that a kid has because then they can't distinguish ones they can and cannot have. I feel that Maggie is in a league of her own and it is better just to give her what makes her happy, then maybe she'll leave C's stuffed animals alone. Regardless the total cost for three of them was two bucks.

My point: L told me while we were in the store that she just couldn't watch me buy these thing because she put too much emotional attachment on the cute little guys. Kind of an off comment, but I suppose if you think they're cute .... Nope, still screwy. I ignored her and just kept browsing. So we get home and I am giving the toys to Maggie and L begins to tell S her theory about emotional attachment and basically said it makes her cry! She told me this a few more times too. Then S complains about his theory and everyone seems to be having a debate about Stuffed Fucking Animals!

Whatever, I gave them to the dog and she loves them.


I hope life can only get better said...

It's a stuffed animal people! As long is it's not one C has an "attachement" to drive on. Almost over, almost over......

Jamie said...

LOL ohhhh goodness I got a laugh out of that one! She's such a nut!!!!