Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hodge Podge

So the visit is over. In hind sight it went pretty well. They drive me crazy, but honestly they were on their best behavior. C loved every minutes of it and S had a great time too.

In other news, my interview went well. They did tell us it takes almost a year to get hired though. I am keeping my fingers crossed. One funny thing: They said they'd send notice in the mail of the next step. If you get a thin letter - it is rejection, if you get a thick one - it is on to the next step. It is like waiting for a college acceptance. :P)

It is rainy today. I enjoy the rain on occasion. This is one of them. It is so peaceful here this afternoon. Quiet, rainy, chilly, just me and the dog.

I am mad at Walmart. I don't think I am going to shop their for a while. The story: C has been saving his money for a new bike. He knows which one he wants and we've been there a few times to buy it, but it is never on the rack. The internet says they have seven or eight but when we get there, nothing. So we ordered it from the internet to be shipped to the store, only to be told that the bike will not be here until the middle of October. Seems like an awfully long time for something they could have dragged out of the back room. I suppose sometimes, you just get what you pay for.

Today C and I are going over to toys R us. He has a few dollars left over from his B-day that are burning a huge hole in his pocket. We make this trip a few times a year and it is always entertaining to see what he picks out. S said something about joining us and then taking us out to dinner. I hope that works out; it sounds like a nice time.

In the mail today I got a huge envelope from S's old office mate D. She sent me tons and tons of coupons for restaurants in our town and different food items. I thought that was so sweet.

And there is the what is on my mind. Not a whole lot, but a little bit of everything.

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Kim said...

Aww man that really stinks C has to wait till October for his bike. By then it might be too cold. What a pain in the butt Walmart can be. I bet C had a blast going through toy heaven through toysrus. He sounds like Jarrett. Money burns a hole in his pocket too.