Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Kids Are Back In Town

As the title says; the kids are back in town :) and they are here, well, at least one of them. And I gotta say, it is SOOOOOOOOOOO nice to have C playing with someone. Although I think I got the short end of the stick ... as I am stuck in the computer room while C and his friend are playing games downstairs on our NEW couch!

We've had quite the day and it is only 4:00. This morning we all slept in and then went to a few yard sales. I got a few small things including a 5.00 MP3 player, as my shuffle is nutty after getting a surge from the lighting that one time. Anyway, then we went over to Uhaul and rented a truck. For a grand total of 30.00 we rented the truck and picked up our new sofa. The furniture store wanted to charge us 85.00. It was really easy and uneventful. S went to pick up the sofa and C and I went home and made room for it. We got the same one only slightly bigger and brown instead of off-white. And it looks so nice and pretty.

After the sofa switch we dropped off the rental and went out to Subway for lunch and then to Sully Historic Park, where we hiked around the grounds of General Lee's uncles house, who also happened to be the first governor of Virgina. It was pretty neat and fun. The weather is absolutely wonderful today so it was a great hike. We went on one path that wasn't actually a hiking path that brought us to a field with electrical lines (that was pretty funny) but the next path took us all around the grounds and perfectly ended where we parked.

Next we headed over to Walmart to pick up some supplies for the house and dinner. Now were just hanging out and enjoying the day. I love it. I can't believe we don't have anything planned for today - that is just so unusual.

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Kim said...

Yay for the new couch! I was looking at our couch its only 7 years old but looks so outdated. Wished we had a new one too. Sometimes sitting around doing nothing can be fun, but in my case thats usually what im doing and its no fun ;)