Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And Now She's Happy

So, yesterday so didn't go as planned, it was actaully better. I wanted to go window shopping for new furniture, after all I am my mother's daughter, but then I figured I'd go with C later in the afternoon. But when I went to the bus stop I noticed the little boy across the street was alone. (his older sister is normally there too) So I ask him where his sister is and he says that she went to a friends but he doesn't know if she was suppose to or not. So I have him call his mom, and I end up talking to her for a few. This boy is 8. He cannot stay home alone! It was 1:00. Half day Monday's are such a joke. Anyway, apparently his sister went to a birthday party and the mom was thinking that school was a full day and he'd only be home alone for a little more than an hour. She was mildly freaking out. So I take the boy home with us and the kids play all afternoon. It was great. They played Lego's for two hours and then ran around playing good guys vs bad guys. A, the boy, was here until 6:00. 5 hours, and I didn't have to do anything but help pick up a few toys when he left and get them snacks. It was great.

I had five hours to clean the computer room. This is the best part. I love love love a spotless room. I rearranged the furniture, got rid of some shelves, and cleaned the woodwork behind everything that doesn't get much attention. I pulled almost everything out of the room and then cleaned it and organized it back in. I ended up taking five boxes of stuff up to the yard sale staging area (AKA the guest room). I am so glad I did it all. I even cleaned the computer cords. And oh man, it is a good thing I moved the computer because I had to unplug everything. When I unplugged the surge protector I found that the prongs were literally melted into the wall! It took a little pulling to get it out and when I did I saw the metal plug ins were rusty looking and corroded, or better yet, FRIED. I guess those things really work, because the computer is just fine and no other cords plugged into that were damaged.

So, on a cleaning high from yesterday, I tackled another closet this morning. It amazes me how much room is actaully in a closet when it is organized. All the hats, gloves, and scarves are now back in their storage containers. All the shoes made their way back to the right bedrooms, and the coats are all on hangers. It is an hour of my life I will never get back. LOL.

Also Potentially, is pronounced PO-tentially, not PA-tentially. I'm just saying ... correctly. News personalities are so crazy, I have the afternoon NBC news on and they've spent 5 minutes on Lindsey Lohan, Jersey Shore Looks, and Christina vs. Gaga - time on oil spill - 30 seconds. Oh wait, all is equal now they are covering Keith Richards. Should the news really make me feel dumbed down? No dumbed is not a word.

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Kim said...

First of all your such a nice neighbor to take that little boy in for his mom. Second OMG your lucky your house didnt burn down. That sounds really dangerous. You can come clean my house for me while your so motivated. Wished I get some motivation