Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am watching Twilight. La, la, la, I love it. I had seen it once before when it first came to DVD. But with the soon to be released I figured I'd watch the first two again. I put them in my Netflix queue and then promptly forgot about my plans to have a Twilight Weekend. The movies kept getting put off by new choices. LOL - S was gone for six weeks and I never got around to the two movies I wanted to see, what was I doing with my time?


I hope life can only get better said...

Really.....sadly I have seen it 11 times and New Moon 5 not counting in the theater opening weekend! Sadly I am also reading Eclipse for the third time in preperation for the movie opening next month. My friend called me last night and asked me if we could plan on going to the midnight showing opening day.......I want to but I am afraid it will make me a total nut case as I am 34. My Twilight obsession.....we qall have to have a obsession

Kim said...

Love it too. I can watch them both over and over and over again.Cant wait for Eclipse to come out