Thursday, May 13, 2010


An Open Letter to the Pharmacist,

Good evening, and thank you for being a complete meanie. Oh, you may not remember me from yesterday, 10 minutes before closing, because you were probably that rude to the majority of exhausted mothers with their sick kids in tow. Please let me enlighten you:

Me " Hi, pick up for W*****."
You "Do you have any questions?"
Me "No they went over everything in the ER."
You "Sign here."
Me "I'd really like to thank you, I have been here a few times over the last few days and you and a few others answered a lot of my questions, I really appreciate it."
You "Our recommendations didn't work?"
Me "They helped but as it turned out this little guy has bronchitis and needed the antibiotic."
You "Maybe you should have gone to the doctor earlier ... Next"

In case you weren't aware my son was projectile vomiting and was coughing up blood for the first time yesterday at 5:45, at 6:00 we were already at the ER. In case you weren't aware I felt so bad for my child and was doing everything in my power to help him get better. But thank you for making it seem as though I was neglectful. I appreciate that so much, that (as my normal pattern dictates) I will not be back!

You are a meanie and I am not


I hope life can only get better said...

Oh J, poor C! And what a B@##@ch!! You are not alone and she should shut her pie hole. I think we all agree....hugs for C!

Jamie said...

Ohhh no! I hope C gets better soon! I know how miserable bronchitis can be, having it a few months ago. How scary that he was coughing up blood! What a jerky, I'd sooo call and complain!