Sunday, May 16, 2010

The To Do List

Holy Hard Work Batman!

My list is endless. Already the lawn is mowed, the kitchen is cleaned, the laundry is started, the front yard is picked up from yesterday's planting extravaganza, and the front light post is fixed (I used black duct tape - such a sad case). But still not done, this week is going to be long as I await S's return, so I might as well make my self busy with tasks normal people wouldn't deem necessary or important.

Currently I am taking a break. My head is pounding and the Tylenol just isn't cutting it. This one feels like it is in for the long haul. Too much sun and not enough caffeine make one cranky Jamie. But no worries, next on the list is organizing the front closet, the easiest thing on the list :P) Plus I told C he had to help with that one, so it should be a little fun.

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I hope life can only get better said...

I have a headache too! Glad S is coming home!