Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scrapping It

I am scrapping the three page To Do List. I am not going to organize C's closet, clean the front shed, or reorganize the kitchen cabinets. Enough spring cleaning already, what am I trying to prove? Ha, well that one is easy, that I am Superwomen or Wonder-Women, take you pick, they both have capes.

Although, I will probably replace a few light bulbs that have blown out and dust the TV's. But once I can see and veg in front of the tube I am all done.


Kim said...

You sound like me. I so need to spring clean but I look at what all needs to be done and it totally overwhelms me. Some day Ill do

I hope life can only get better said...

I wish I could be like that. Eveeryday I do not allow myself to sit until all my house cleaning is done, and than I feel like if I sit I am being lazy....ugg I would love to be lazy

Jamie said...

You ARE Superwoman!!! I'm hoping when school's out I'll be motivated to do some deep cleaning around here, especially after my garage sale!