Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekend Plans

Tomorrow is suppose to be pretty nice out. I cannot wait to plant all my flowers and get the gardens going. Also, I cannot wait to go to yard sales again. We've had a lot of crummy weekend weather lately so I think this week should be good.

We have a list. C is homesick for the 4th day running and finding calm activities to do is making me more creative than normal, LOL, so this morning I had him make me a list of things he could look for at yard sales. His number one item on his list "blueberry muffins" ... spelled bloobere mufuns. LOL I love kids. Lego's, toys, cool stuff, and a machine gun were also on his list. Whatever, the kid always makes out, who can say no when the newest bestest toy the child ever saw is only a quarter?

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Kim said...

I love garagr sales,there has been a bunch in the paper, just havent made it to any yet. C's list is funny, especially blueberry muffins. Thats my kind of kid. I love anything w/ blueberries