Friday, May 21, 2010

Go Celtics!

It is a milestone of a day for me, I got rid of my favorite Celtics Sweatshirt, that I have had since High School. Yes it is more than 15 years old! It also looked it, the last time I wore it in public was shortly before we got C. I knew I wouldn't get rid of it if it sat in a bag, so I cut it to pieces to use as cleaning rags. Pathetic, I know.

So the big spring cleaning list ... I un-scrapped it. I did veg out for a while but knowing that I didn't finish everything just wasn't working, so I cleaned out the fridge and freezer, mowed the front yard, cleaned out my closet, cleaned the upper inside ridges of the washing machine (SO SO SO SO SO GROSS!) and organized the yard sale junk. I did save a few things that really were too ambitious though, I need an extra set of grown-up hands.

S will be home around six tonight, he thinks. Gosh forbid he actaully knows when his flights are. I love him. Anyway, It is Friday and I know C and all the neighborhood kids are chomping at the bit to play outside when they get home from school, it rained the majority of the week and is absolutely wonderful out today. Maybe while they are playing & we are waiting for S to be home I will work on the hedges... maybe :P)


Jamie said...

yay!!! So glad S is finally gonna be home! He did it! You did it! Even with C sick for a week! Superwoman :)

Kim said...

LOL I think I know what celtic sweatshirt you are talking about. I think I saw you even wearing it back in the Minot days. Oh my I dont think I ever cleaned my washer out like what you were talking about. I just wiped it off and wiped around the inside where the lid goes down. I can imagine how gross mine must be.

I hope life can only get better said...

Yeah...S is finally home! I hope it feels good...I know it must. I have a few shirts and sweatshirts like that I can not bear to part with, one is my dad's!