Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kids! Kids! Kids!

It is official, I am the neighborhood mom.

I am always waiting for someone else to step up and be the outgoing one. I want to go to the party, not throw it. But that just wasn't happening. So little by little the kids across the street started coming over. Over the winter it was sort of on again of off again. But now, it is pretty much a daily routine.

At one point I had five kids playing in the circle and four of them were piled on top of the power wheels mustang. It was a hoot. We were out there from 3:30-6:00, when one of the kids mother got home and that is where I cut it off. Time for us to head in and make dinner. With the two of us, dinner takes all of three minutes. So now it is only quarter to seven and C has already eaten, showered, and is hunkered down in front of a video game for the next hour. Which is great, because I am exhausted! LOL.

Also, in slight pain. The kids also had all the bikes and scooters out. So when we were wheeling all the toys back to the right houses I, in order to make an ass of myself, rode C's scooter back to our house. (Those things are so fun) I was fine until I hit a bump and sort of jumped off. Completely survived the mini jump, that is until I twisted my ankle and fell over the darn scooter. So now my leg is all scrapped up and my knee is bleeding. I think I will have to be a little more compassionate to my little guy when his skin gets all red from a scrape. I forgot that actaully stings. ... Mean Mommy. :P) Part Two: I might have a slight sunburn. Nothing like the first signs of summer.

Sorry Kim. I know you are longing for Spring to start!

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I hope life can only get better said...

:) I have a sunburn too from last weekend!