Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rain, Rain Come and STAY

Well, I have got one sick kid home from school today. His cough just won't quit, he was up half the night, and no medicine seemed to help. As much as I wanted him to go to school today, I knew at 4:30am that it wasn't happening. I feel so bad for him. Currently he is watching a movie in my room all curled up in my blankets, he actaully looks pretty sweet. I heard him coughing so much he couldn't catch his breath and he started to tell the dog that his throat hurt to much to play with her. It was so sweet that I almost started to cry! LOL - so I brought him up a Popsicle instead and let him eat it up there, so he says to me "Mom am I dying?" and I say "No" and he says "then why am I allowed to eat this in your room, am I really really sick?" Such a sweetie.

So, aside from the sickness, yesterday C had a cough but it was easily controlled by cough syrup. So around three I let him go outside and play. As soon as he goes out all the other kids do to and for hours I could hear four boisterous voices running all around playing games and fighting of bikes and scooters. It was wonderful. I didn't even have to be out there, I just checked on them every once in a while. It was so nice, such a great break. Then around 6 all the kids start to come in our house telling me they are going to watch a movie. Well, I let them know that C has to eat dinner but they can come back in a half hour if they want. So they all ran home. Promptly at 6:30 I had three kids knocking on my door with wet hair and in their pajamas, they even came with snacks! They all raced home, showered, changed, talked their moms into letting them come over, and then brought snacks! I was floored. All the kids were so good. At 8 the movie ended, they all cleaned up and left and C shortly after went to bed.

Moving on: C had so much fun yesterday that he was pretty upset when I told him he had to stay inside today. He keeps telling me he feels better and thinks he'll be okay when everyone gets home from school. Luckily it is suppose to rain, which would make the weather the bad guy and not me.

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