Monday, May 24, 2010

Writers Block

Is it possible to have blog related writers block? Or do you have to have actual aspirations to be a writer for that to be possible?

I don't have much, S is home after six weeks. This week is sort of strange because he is back to work already - but we are looking forward to a long weekend and then Disney the following week.

In other news, C is totally cured from Bronchitis and last week went really well in school for him. His IEP is in place and things are running smoothly so far. We are hopeful that this will continue.


Jamie said...

WOW! I didn't realize your Disney trip was so close! We talked about going next summer. We'll have to see if it actually happens. WHY we didn't do it when we lived in MS is beyond me! Hope you're enjoying S being home! I know how difficult it can be to readjust!

Kim said...

Didnt know C was sick.Glad to hear he is doing better. Wow Disney! Have fun!