Monday, May 31, 2010

6 in 1

We just fit six weeks of family togetherness into one long weekend and we sort of loved it! A quick run down: Friday S and I played 9 holes at the golf course behind the house. We've been here since August and that was the first time! Might be the last, it was really expensive (ha, ha). On Saturday morning we went hiking at Great Falls National Park. The views were amazing and all the rapids were really cool. The three of us were in awe most of the time as we hiked about three miles up the cliffs and down to the beaches. It was really cool. Then that night we went to see the Salem Red Sox play a minor league Nationals team. The sox won in the 11th. After the game there were fireworks, which were really cool. Then on Sunday we went to church and over our friend's house. Our friend's sure have a lot of toys! They had enough ATV's for all of us adults to ride one. C rode with me and there were two other little kids there that rode with their aunt. We went all through the trails near their house. After that we went to the beach, had a BBQ, and a bonfire. In fact, we've done so much stuff that when I posted my expansive activity list on FB, because everyone is waiting on pins and needles to see what I am up too this weekend, I forgot the beach.

Today we have taken it easy but are expecting my dad to be here for dinner. He is on his way back to Massachusetts after visiting some family in Tennessee for the holiday weekend. So he is staying here tonight and going back home tomorrow. We're planning a big dinner and then heading out to see the casino. I hope the horses are racing tonight - that is my favorite part. But regardless, I won't be spending cash because we are going to Disney next week. YIPPPEEEE.


Kim said...

What an awesome weekend you had. Sounds like so much fun.

I hope life can only get better said...

Disney, you are so lucky!! My brother just got engaged there in February. I never go anywhere, but that's okay. So glad you had some quality family time, the pictures look great!!