Monday, June 7, 2010


Vacation was so much fun. Disney World is a such an awesome vacation. We all loved it. We rode every ride we wanted too, some twice. It was hot, really hot, and humid. It rained on us a few times, but after the initial, "oh crap it's raining", we realized we were welcoming the down pours to cool us off. On one ride, Aladdin, we were riding high in the sky and I realized that I was deliriously happy, wishing it could last forever. I love feeling like a kid again.

The trip was short, only three days, two nights, but we sure packed in the fun. We arrived on Thursday morning and went straight to Walmart. What else is new? Scott forgot a bathing suit. After our side trip we checked into our hotel and went to the pool / waterpark. To my surprise C loved the big water slides. So did we! They had slides, a pool, a lazy river, a kids park, and lots of lounge chairs. We all used 70 proof sunscreen. C is dark, like not white dark, and S is burnt to a crisp. I am somewhere in the middle, even after reapplying the sunscreen a few times. The sun was just so bright. After a few hours at the water park it started to rain and storm so we headed out to explore the town. The rain subsided so we stopped at a Pirate Mini Golf place that was wicked fun. After that we went to Medieval Times. C loved it. We bought him a sword and he actaully fell asleep holding onto it that night. The following day we went to Disney World.

Again, Disney was awesome. We had so much fun and loved all the rides. It was wicked crowded but every time it rained there seemed to be less people. Also, because you can get "fast pass" tickets for some rides for a time to come back later, we could go on one ride while 'virtually' standing in line for another. In the end we never waited more than a half hour for a ride and most times it was less that ten minutes. Our favorites collectively were all the mountains; Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain. We stayed until closing and all promised to go back again sometime.

The last day we played at the hotel water park until around 2:00 and then headed out for a late lunch. C ended up falling asleep in the back seat. We arrived at Olive Garden and couldn't even wake him up. S even tried picking him up, but he didn't even open his eyes. So we decided to let him sleep and we explored Orlando a little bit. Eventually C woke up and we made it to an even later lunch at a different Olive Garden and then headed for the airport.

It was all so much fun, we didn't want it to end. Especially since S had to get right back on the plane and go right back to Orlando this morning. Work related stuff, as usual. I suppose I can't complain too much though. He's been a model husband for the last few weeks. The man came back from 6 weeks of USAF school and suddenly he knows how to do dishes, mow the lawn, and make the bed. Now, if only they had taught him to put the seat down.

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Kim said...

Wow sounds like a blast. Wished we could go sometime.