Thursday, June 17, 2010

Downward Spiral

Okay, so I have went from Supermom w/ cape to puddle on floor really fast over the last few days. First, I am still a little batty over the IVF remembrance / friend's loss events, but I am actaully rounding the bend on that. Still, life goes on regardless of my emotional state, and this morning that life seems to be a complete mess. The brief rundown:
  • When calling Park University to obtain an obscure GPA for certain set of classes (needed for job application) I easily got the registrar to give me the numbers for my Bachelor's degree, but then I asked, does that include my associates in accounting? And she explains that my application expired for that degree and it wasn't issued. Come to find out I am short three credit in a management finance class.
  • I've been telling C for weeks that this Friday is the last day of school. I even checked the FX county website to prove it. Well, apparently the website is wrong. The kids get out next week.
  • S called was doing something for his school and found out that they say he owes 3750.00.
  • I am so freaking tired of the neighborhood kids and my child's interaction with them! They leave in a week or so for their father's for the summer. But still, last night C invited three kids over for chocolate cake. Homemade cake with real homemade icing that I worked on for hours. He didn't even ask. Well, I had a big talk with him and told him no. Then later he came back inside and was fake crying telling me that I am "making it difficult to keep friends." I seriously yelled at him and sent him to his room.
  • The campground we are staying at in July is pissing us off. Not a good sign. I called the other day and paid our deposit, but still didn't get our receipt. Then our friends called to pay their half and weren't treated very professionally. In fact they really weren't treated at all, they were put on hold one time and forgotten about and then another time told they'd be called back. S called and he was told they'd call back too. What the heck is going on?
  • Our cable is seriously fucked up. For weeks I thought our TV was dying because we were getting these purple and green lines rolling on the screen. Then our cable box started doing weird things, like loosing the sound, plus a whole bunch of annoying little things like a freezing picture and randomly rebooting. So I called the company and they seemed to fix it from sending a test signal. But the next day it did it all again. So yesterday I had the cable guy here replacing our box. I explained all the trouble and he gave us a brand new one. So yesterday night I sat down to program the new DVR and freaking A, I had the same old problems. So I checked the back of the box and noticed it was a new one, but the cord was used from the old one. So I call back the company and schedule another visit for today. I am so annoyed.
  • I need to see a doctor. I have been ignoring a few things, and that plan isn't working. I keep getting these random pains in my body. At first they were like a little pin push towards my skin from a random point in my body and then traveling to a second point. After about a month the pain became more than just the size of a pin and now is effecting larger areas and are actaully stopping me in my tracks. Two days ago I actaully doubled over after having extreme twinging in my right side, that traveled down to my right foot. Yesterday I decided to keep track of the pains, they are really random, and don't seem to follow a nerve pattern. Plus I never feel it in my skin, not always in a muscle, and seriously painful at times; I don't really see any patterns there either.
  • I don't have a good doctor.
  • I applied for a job that required a very long application and writing test. I think I failed to insert the works cited page. You cannot go back and fix anything. My saving grace is that if it is opened in the newer version of Word the references are there and can be seen.
I suppose that wasn't brief. I feel so overwhelmed with crap. One of my best friends, A, called yesterday and it had seriously been like three weeks since I talked to her. Am I really that busy, or just unorganized?


Jamie said...

Wow girl! About the pain, could it be a nerve, or you don't think so? Maybe a chiropractor since you have a crappy doctor? Although I hate we have to pay for chiropractic but a lot of them are Christian and will work with ya... Hang in there friend! Love & miss ya!

I hope life can only get better said...

I so can relate! Just when you think it is all figured out and you are feeling up, you go down! Too much total crap this week. You need a vacation...I need to change my locks! lol